• Be aware of smart devices connecting you to a fraudster

    “Hey Alexa / Google / Siri connect me with a fraudster who will scam me of my money.” As more people gravitate to the technology of virtual assistants, scammers are also taking advantage of the technology and creating fake customer service or business numbers. Smart devices, unfortunately cannot differentiate between the fake number and one

  • Registration Now Open

    Registration is now open for the 2019 BCCPA Training Symposium Engaging with Impact: Adapting for Success.  Register by September 30 to take advantage of reduced registration fees. BCCPA 2019 Training Symposium Registration Brochure Location and Accommodations Information: The Firefighters Banquet & Conference Centre is located in the vicinity of the Metrotown Skytrain Station, in Burnaby,

  • Cybercrime on the Rise in Canada

    Cybercrime on the Rise in Canada: Always think before you click on a link or open an attachment. Check the source of the message to ensure that the email address is a valid address for the sender. Never reply to emails that ask you to verify or confirm any personal information or user passwords. Secure

  • Dangers of Face Recognition Apps

    FaceApp Pose Security Risks:  Although it may be fun to see what you look like years older or in a different life-form, this is a reminder that any photos you post online can be downloaded, altered and printed by those with less amusing intentions.  A picture of your face is part of your identity and


Engaging with Impact: Adapting for Success – BCCPA 2019 Training Symposium
Oct 29 @ 8:00 am – Oct 30 @ 6:00 pm

The BCCPA 2019 Training Symposium Engaging with Impact ~ Adapting for Success, will provide delegates with resources to build on lessons from crime prevention principles such as Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) and problem-oriented policing. Delegates will also gain knowledge for addressing community safety concerns by applying an integrative and holistic approach.

BCCPA 2019 Training Symposium Registration Brochure

Crime Prevention Week
Nov 1 – Nov 7 all-day
Crime Prevention Week

Everyday citizens throughout British Columbia are impacted by the effects of crime in their communities. The BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA), in partnership with local police agencies and community organizations, are working collaboratively to influence change.

Crime Prevention Week, November 1 to 7, is an annual province-wide crime prevention campaign. The initiative is aimed at educating British Columbians about creating safer and healthier communities.

Awareness is the best protection against crime. The goal of this campaign is to give people the information needed to help themselves and others achieve the objective of creating safer and healthier communities.”


Although BCCPA’s main purpose is to prevent crime, we also like to help law enforcement and other investigative bodies by encouraging the general public to report something they see or hear that is criminal in nature.