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CP Week 2017 – Day 7: Digital Citizenship

The digital domain has changed how people of all ages perceive, interact with, and respond to the world around them.

Innovations in technology has provided children and youth with new opportunities for learning, both in and out of school. It has enabled students to connect with learning communities around the world. Social media has provided society with an immersive environment to connect and interact with each other.

Being a good digital citizen is more than knowing one’s way around the web. Crime Prevention Week 2017 concludes with reminding tech users of all ages of the importance of good digital citizenship.  Digital Citizenship Tip Sheet

CP Week – Day 3: Sexual Violence

Sexual Violence is a general term that describes behaviours and actions that are sexual in nature are unwanted, coerced, and committed without consent. Sexual violence is a continuum of behaviours and actions including, but not limited to:
– Sexist jokes or explicit comments, catcalling, homophobic slurs, spreading rumours about someone’s sexuality
– Harassment, stalking,
– Sexual exploitation, trafficking
– Groping or unwanted sexual touching, flashing, sexual assault, child sexual assault, indecent exposure
Sexual violence has harmful and lasting consequences for victims/survivors, their families, and communities.

Crime Prevention Week: Nov 1 – 7

“Crime Prevention in Changing Times” is the theme for Crime Prevention Week 2017, which runs from November 1 – 7.  Illustrating the safety and health of our community needs to be adaptive to the ever-changing dynamics of the communities around us. To create safe and healthy communities we need a collective effort between Police and those citizens within communities.

Visit BCCPA’s webpage daily throughout Crime Prevention week for the release of daily tip sheets to support this year’s daily topics: Bystander Intervention, Business Crime Prevention, Sexual Violence, Youth Engagement, Safety on Campus, Seniors Safety, and Digital Citizenship.

01-Nov Bystander Intervention
02-Nov Business Crime Prevention
03-Nov Sexual Violence
04-Nov Youth Engagement
05-Nov Safety on Campus
06-Nov Seniors Safety
07-Nov Digital Citizenship