Crime Prevention Week – Nov 1 – 7

Everyday across the province, citizens are impacted by the effects of crime in our communities.  Awareness is the best protection against crime.  Many people may not realize that the simple actions that they can take to make a difference not only their own lives, but the lives of those in their communities.  Power to instill change is found in the knowledge that each of us hold, creating a responsibility to do what we can, in our communities to bring awareness to the issues impacting the sense of safety and well being.

This year’s theme “Outreach – Contribution – Mobilization: Commitment to Community Voices” will highlight the issues of: financial abuse of older adults; security features of Canadian bank notes; crime prevention through environmental design; responding to violence against women; keeping children and youth safe; implementation challenges and strategies to overcome them; and creating safer neighbourhoods.  It is hoped that everyday citizens will take the time to become aware of the issues that impact their communities and become aware of what they can do in partnership with organizations within their communities to address these issues.

Please visit the BCCPA website,,  daily during Crime Prevention Week  for daily tip sheets.