Apartment Security

Everyone has the potential to become a  victims of crime.  The risk can be substantially reduced or eliminated by reducing exposure or threat to  crime. Simple steps may help protect your Apartment security.

Lobby Security

  • – Unidentified or suspicious persons trying to gain access should be referred to the  Property Manager or Security
  • – Do not allow strangers  access when entering or leaving.

    Encourage other tenants in keeping the main outer doors locked and secure at all times
  • – Do not buzz anyone into the building whom is not known.
  • – Maintain confidentially by using your first initial and last name on lobby directories, doorbell, mailbox, and phone directory

Door Security

Doors should be mounted so hinge-bolts are not facing outwards


  • – Install one-inch deadbolt locks on all exterior doors
  • – Install wide angle viewers instead of chain locks
  • – Avoid leaving doors unlocked or opening doors to strangers
  • – Do not leave notes on apartment doors or on the lobby directories
  • – If keys are lost, consider changing locks 

Elevator Safety

  • – Look to see who’s in the elevator before entering
  • – Do not enter the elevator if you feel uncomfortable
  • – When in the elevator – be aware of your surroundings
  • – If a suspicious person enters the elevator, exit at the first opportunity

Helpful Hints

  • – Creat inventories of valuables and cherished items
  • – Identify your property by engraving identifying marks to enable police to return personal property
  • – When engraving keep the engraver straight up for a proper mark
  • – Identifier  should be visible and unique
  • – Be a good neighbour, report suspicious activity to the Police

If a crime has occurred

  • – Do not enter the unit,  the suspect(s) may still be inside
  • – Call the police
  • – Do not touch anything or clean up until the police have released the scene
  • – Note  licence plate numbers of any suspicious vehicles
  • – Note the description of any suspicious person(s)

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