Bullying can be defined as “intentional and repeated harmful acts that occur in a relationship in which an imbalance of power exists”.

Bullying can be divided into different categories, most common are:

• Physical bullying includes physical violence, threats with weapons, & damaging or stealing the victim’s property.

• Verbal bullying includes teasing, name calling, coercion, and threats.

• Relational, or social bullying, includes the humiliation of the victim, setting up the victim for failure, spreading rumours, & deliberately excluding and isolating the victim.

• Cyberbullying is bullying using technology.

• Workplace bullying is bullying at work, mainly perpetrated by those in authority.

Bullying can take place:

• At school, where there is a high likelihood a bully can find a potential target.

• On the way to and from, especially if the victim takes the same route every day or if he / she shares a bus with a bully.

• At home, can be done by cyber bullies, bullies who live nearby or even family members.

• At work.

Due to the increase of cyber bullying and the high rate of mobile technology among youth, bullies target victims without regard for physical space or location.

Impacts on those who experience bullying:

• Victims may choose not to associate with others or isolate themselves from the rest of their friends at school.

• There may be retaliation by the victim, leading to increase in violence or more bullying. This could result in an escalation of harm caused by the original bully.

• In extreme cases, bullying may result in the victim attempting self harm or suicide.

• The victim may experience depression or symptoms of depression such as sadness, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, or feelings of hopelessness.

• Victims of bullying often experience a drop in self-esteem or self confidence as a result of their experiences.

• Victims can experience drops in performance at school. Victims may be afraid of going to school or may become physically ill when they attempt to go to school.

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