Home Security

Target Hardening is securing a residence against thieves or burglars. Target hardening helps protect personal and commercial properties.

Trim all vegetation around home and especially around doors and windows and make sure that the street address is visible from the road for emergency personnel.


There are many ways to make your residence more secure through the knowledge of door precautions.
This includes glass around the door being at least 40 inches from the lock, and using a peep hole rather than a chain lock to avoid opening the door.

Going on vacation
  • – Ensure necessary precautions when going on vacation. This includes setting timers for lights and radios, informing a neighbour of your departure and arrival times, securing all entry points, and locking up any valuables in a safe.
    Helpful hints
  • – Mark valuables my engraving them in places not readily visible
  • – Be a good neighbour and report any suspicious activity in the neighbourhood
If a crime has occurred
  • – Do not enter the house
  • – Do not clean anything up until it has been investigated by the police- Note the description of any suspicious person(s)
  • To purchase this brochure please email us at info@bccpa.org

To purchase this brochure please email us at info@bccpa.org