BC Citizens Patrol Network


“To Improve Community Safety by Training Volunteers who Partner with Police to Accurately Observe and Report Suspicious / Criminal Activity”

The BC Citizens Patrol Network Society (BCCPN) functioning under the umbrella of the BC Crime Prevention Association (BCCPA) is looking to offer training and resources in support for all British Columbia communities, urban and rural.

If your program or region would like to conduct a project or training session let us know the details, we will work with you to see how we can support your initiative.

We aim to facilitate the processes that enable volunteers and police officers across the province to continue to work together in the interests of community safety and well-being.
Police Departments across British Columbia acknowledge and support the Citizen Patrol Network and the hundreds of volunteers who work in tireless support of their local police and communities. 

The BC Citizen Patrol Network represents a significant step towards organizing individual Citizen Patrol groups into an effective provincial organization.
The benefits are obvious: improved communication and networking among volunteers and coordinators, opportunity for Provincial recognition of local efforts, promotion of best practice for local or regional consideration, volunteer training opportunities and increased consistency across the Province. 

The BC Citizen Patrol Network is not intended to detract from the autonomy of local groups. It will not interfere in the established right and ability of the local detachment commander / police chief to manage and direct Citizen Patrol operations. 

BC Citizens Patrol Network Society is a community-driven crime prevention initiative, governed by the BC Crime Prevention Association. The network supports provincial trained volunteers with a mandate to detect disruptive, suspicious, and criminal behaviour.