BCCPN Success Stories

Chilliwack Citizens On Patrol

I thought I would pass on this little tidbit of a good news story. When I was first “elected” Coordinator of the Chilliwack COP I started digging into old records with respect to the group’s beginnings with a view to orienting myself with its operation. What a chore!

The Chilliwack COP started in 1997, following some intensive training for the volunteers. In the beginning there were 125 volunteers ready to hit the streets of Chilliwack determined to do their part in the fight against crime.

Over time the numbers dwindled for various reasons but the core group is still dedicated and doing what they can.

In a recent foray into our records I came across the first Annual Report to the Detachment O.I.C. for 1997 which listed the entire volunteer complement with their annual volunteer hours for 1997. From this I determined that four of our current volunteer corps were in the original group which means they are now in their sixteenth year volunteering in Chilliwack. Having learned this I started the process of obtaining the RCMP 15 year certificates and pins for them which are scheduled to be presented this Thursday evening (March14th) at the Upper Fraser Valley Regional Detachment Annual “Recognizing Excellence” Awards ceremony.

Article kindly supplied by Barry Greenwood, Volunteer Coordinator, Chilliwack Citizens On Patrol

Vernon Citizens Patrol Network

Silver Star Rotary Recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year Award”, Lyle Duffield

Lyle has served the RCMP and the City of Vernon for the past 20 years in our Citizens Patrol Program as well as being the president on the Board of Crime Stoppers. He served on the board for 15 years. Lyle was in the first training class of Citizens Patrol volunteers back in 1997. He has used his experience and training to become the first Captain of the Vernon Citizens Patrol in 2011.

Lyle has been integral in the training of new COP Volunteers and now will go on to be the lead training volunteer for this Program. Lyle constantly goes above and beyond in his dedication to his community. He has had a successful business in Vernon as the owner of Hi Fi Attic and has been serving Vernon residents for 40 years. Lyle Duffield, in his own quiet way, described to the Morning Star in an interview why he has worked so hard: “I volunteer because I want Vernon to be a great place for my family and friends and other businesses. I want my grandchild to grow up to be safe. I want to be able, when I’m 80 years old, to walk downtown to a park without being mugged,” said Duffield. Lyle Duffield is an excellent example of a long term Vernon resident who has made the most meaningful contributions to their community.

Congratulations to Lyle on his receipt of this recognition

Williams Lake Citizens on Patrol

Williams Lake COP has implemented a youth program involving youth between the ages of 16 to 19 years old that desire to get involved in policing or some related employment. The candidates were carefully chosen and involved the school staff in identifying the right person. To date they have volunteered a number of hours, on patrol, attending special events as security and getting involved in the speed watch program. The youth are all subject to an interview process by their mentor in addition to the school recommendations. All of the youth patrol have applied for the local Police Youth Academy and have subsequently been accepted. They are working at pursuing their goals and are considered a member of the regular COP group attending meetings and having support from the local RCMP.

Article  kindly supplied by Bob McIntosh, Citizens on Patrol Chair
Williams Lake, B.C.