Board of Directors


BCCPA is a provincially registered society and federally registered charity.  Voting members comprise corporations, small businesses, non-profit groups, police services, municipalities and individuals.

BCCPA is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected at the Annual General Meeting held each fall.  The Board of Directors comprises up to fifteen directors, with no fewer than seven directors elected from each of the police and volunteer/business sectors.  This mix of police and community interest on the Board provides for a balanced approach to crime prevention issues.

The bylaws of the Association stipulate that each director shall hold office for a term of two years with half of the directors retiring from office on alternate years.  This provides for continuity of business for the Association and the opportunity for experienced directors to mentor those new to the board.

At the first meeting of the Board of Directors following the Annual General Meeting, the directors elect the executive comprised of president, 1st and 2nd vice-president, secretary and/or treasurer.  In addition, the past president sits on the executive committee.