How to Support

The BC Crime Prevention Association is funded by the Province of British Columbia.  As an association, the BCCPA is committed to community-based programs that will help prevent crime.  But we can’t do it alone.

Donating to our Association

You can help as an individual or an organization.  Your support will help the BCCPA realize its goal of becoming the centre of excellence for crime prevention and community safety resources, information and support in BC.

The BCCPA is a registered charitable organization and a tax receipt will be issued for your donation.

Please contact us at to make your donation or discuss crime prevention and community safety initiatives you would like to sponsor.

Becoming a Member

People are the key to crime prevention. By becoming a member of BCCPA, you are joining with other concerned people across the province who share your vision for a safer future. As a member, you will be supporting crime prevention initiatives in your community through the development of educational and training materials and the promotion of successful crime prevention practices.