Crime Free Multi-Housing


The Crime Free Multi Housing Program was introduced into British Columbia in 1994 by the New Westminster Police Department. Over twenty communities across British Columbia have adopted the Crime Free Multi Housing Program. The program has successfully improved security and reduced crime, by working to identify the problems and provide solutions. It takes a pro-active approach at reducing criminal and nuisance-related activities in the community.

A “Crime Free Building” is one that has met the minimum standards specified in this program. The aim of the program is to reduce the opportunity and motivation for committing a crime or damage to the property. The program enables a community to become strong and act as one to make their home safe and free from tenants who bring crime into the building.

As an owner or manager, it is intended to reduce liability, vulnerability and to give support to remove unwanted persons who commit criminal acts, the program will improve the employee workplace and reduce customer fear of criminal activity.

One of the most effective ways of fighting crime and ultimately reducing costs for owners is by working together with local agencies. Crime Free Multi Housing offers the opportunity to participate, to share information, and increase awareness of the issues associated within the rental community.


The program consists of three phases:

  • The Phase One component of the program requires the completion of a training workshop. Resident managers and/or Owners attend a one-day seminar presented by the Police in partnership with the BC Crime Prevention Association.
  • The Phase Two component consists of a Crime Free Coordinator conducting a security review of your property. The rental property or community must meet minimum safety and security standards. A representative from the police detachment or department will conduct a security evaluation of the property and make recommendations.
  • The Phase Three component is where you, as the owner/manager are asked to host an annual Safety Social/meeting for their residents to involve them in reducing crime on the property and to get involved in the community.


How Will the Crime Free Multi Housing Program Benefit My Building?

The Crime Free Program will help your building look better and operate more efficiently. Tenants will want to stay longer in their homes as they now have pride in where they live. They have taken ownership of the rental community and want to make their home a safe and crime free place to live. As an owner you have the peace of mind knowing that you have tenants who care and want to look after your investment. A true “Crime Free” environment can improve your bottom line by increasing occupancy and longevity within the building. By providing a safe and crime free environment, you reduce the chances of an employee or tenant being injured, and therefore the financial liability associated with such events.


If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact BCCPA for more details.